Block Ads in Apps

This app saves you valuable time by preventing addicting apps and websites from robbing you of your focus.

Digital freedom

This app saves you valuable time by preventing addicting apps and websites from robbing you of your focus. Use TrueLocker to block distracting applications and websites for some time or forever. Improve your productivity during Whether it’s social media, games, shopping or adult content - TrueLocker will help you regain control of your life.

Protect your content

You can lock away selected apps on your phone with a password, so other people cannot see your activity when they touch your phone.

Protect others

Install this app on the phones of your children or the business phones of your employees and lock the app itself with a password the same way you would lock away another app. Phone users will not be able to launch certain apps and websites while the security shield is on.

TrueLocker Features

  • Block websites and apps temporarily or forever
  • Set a password to restrict access to apps and websites
  • Block apps and websites on selected weekdays, for a specific time slot or after a number of launches
  • Redirect to a website of your choice when you try to access a blocked website
  • See how much time you spend on social media

TrueLocker Features

  • Stay focused during the day
  • Improve your sleep by blocking distracting media in the night
  • Clear and simple usage statistics
  • User friendly
  • Minimalistic interface, no visual noise
  • Completely Free

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Application for flexible security settings

One of the most precious feelings in a person’s life is privacy. It allows us to relax, forget about our problems and enjoy peace of mind. App blocker is an all-in-one app that allows to hide and protect personal information from unauthorised access without blocking the device. The app’s flexible functionality allows to customize personal device without slowing down its performance.

Application spheres of the app blocker

The general locking of the device makes normal use very difficult and limited. In practice, when a standard blocking is applied, the device can only be used by the owner, and after it is unlocked to another user, it puts the smartphone owner in a position in which all information and files can be examined and transferred by an unwanted person. In today’s world, such cases are unacceptable and can cause immense damage to the owner of the device, not only financially, but also socially. The Trueblocker app has all the functionality needed to prevent any unauthorized access to information in apps. In addition, the app can block mobile ads and can be used as a websiteblocker.

Personal data blocking can also be useful in cases where a device is used by a child. It can be a smart solution to limit children from dubious sources of information. The Trueblocker app is designed in such a way that the restrictions set cannot be changed. Even a skilled user will have to accept the rules set by the owner of the gadget.

App blocker is also possible to apply in organisations on devices that are owned by the companies. Reducing communication costs or preventing irrational use of devices, including controlling Internet traffic through the sites block function, etc., will help to achieve the best possible level of budget management for communication and other related costs.

Advantages of app blocker

The functionality of Trueblocker makes this application outstanding among others. The presence of a function that collects statistical data, allows not only to identify what the device is used for, but also to prevent unwanted activity. Among the main useful modes, it is possible to highlight:

  • Possibility to block access to Internet pages and applications;
  • Assign device action scenarios, in case of specified activity;
  • Limit access to the app and device browser by password application;
  • Analyse personal activity by viewing the activity history.

The app does not require advanced hardware and is perfectly optimised for a large number of devices. Its simple and intuitive design makes it easy and convenient to use. A good quality app blocker is a guarantee of the user’s information security. This application is able to provide adequate protection without the need for complex settings or third-party software. Stable and fast operation will not cause any discomfort during use.